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Sing More at Home


adorable asian baby bonnet


Singing to your baby or young child has endless benefits.


Your voice is your child’s favorite. Don’t worry about what you may sound like because to them it is perfection. The soothing effect of your voice can help calm your child down and even help her retain information better. There’s a reason why so many little ones know their letters thanks to the ABC song!


Here are some ways to incorporate more song into your daily routine:

  • Sing familiar nursery rhymes. Try to include some hand and finger motions. Your little one will delight in tracking your movements with her eyes or imitating them herself. I love singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Pat-A-Cake, Row, Row, Row Your Boat, and This Little Piggie. Sing your favorites!


  • Make a playlist of songs on your favorite music provider. We’ve discovered my children’s love of Motown and Fleetwood Mac this way using Spotify. You never know what they’ll enjoy!


  • Make up songs ALL DAY LONG. Sing narrate what you are doing – cleaning up, taking a bath, playing, brushing your hair, etc. It doesn’t have to make sense or even sound good. Be silly and have fun!


  • Have a calming car playlist at the ready! Maybe your child is prone to fits in the car or you are preparing for an upcoming road trip. Find music that is soothing and familiar. We used Music Together because my children took classes and loved hearing “their music” in the car.

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