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Incorporating Literacy into Your Christmas Preparation

christmas xmas christmas tree decoration


I’m a big fan of incorporating little learning moments into tasks that we are already doing. It doesn’t require any extra preparation and it gives your child a chance to practice essential literacy skills while you attend to necessary tasks. Christmas is the perfect season to start this habit. Here are some simple ideas to try:


  • Decorate the tree together and talk about the ornaments and their special meaning. You can even let your baby touch the ornaments and talk about the colors you see and textures you feel.


  • Play Christmas music. The songs of the season trigger nostalgia and a coziness that is hard to replicate any other time of year; plus, most Christmas music is upbeat and kid-friendly! Teach your children traditional Christmas songs and occasionally leave out a word or two, letting them finish the line. For example, “Rudolph the red-nosed _____________ had a very shiny _______.” This back-and-forth interaction will be sure to leave your child smiling!


  • Prepare the home for Christmas using Advent traditions (it starts on December 2nd this year). Take out or create a simple Advent wreath together (I like this one or check out this printable wreath). Bless it as a family. Read preparatory books about the birth of Jesus together and make an Advent calendar or purchase one at the store (I found one at Trader Joes for 99 cents!). Each day, you are building the narrative of Christmas, your family culture, and even number sense while you count the days together.

advent architecture blur business


  • Write your names on your stockings. Notice the letters in each family member’s name and compare and contrast them.


  • Take out your Christmas books, check some out at the library, and read them together. Give your child some time to explore them. You can notice the pictures together. Remember, you don’t need to read each book all the way through each time. Enjoy this special season and all of the quality literature it boasts.


  • Bake Christmas cookies together! Count out the buttons you want for the gingerbread men or the snowman cookie. Talk about the steps in the cookie making process. Feel the textures of the dough, frosting, and candy together.

sweet cookies christmas baking


  • Once the presents are wrapped, have  your child help you write out gift tags. You may want to make your own since there isn’t often much room to write. Or, have your child write one letter and you write the rest!


  • If you’re sending out Christmas cards, give your child some fine-motor practice by asking for help affixing the stamp or return address label. Talk about what you are writing where and perhaps your child could help you make the envelopes more festive with some extra decorations.


Merry Christmas!


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